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Zarf-fiil (bağ fiil, ulaç, gerundium grubu)

Converb (a.k.a. action adverb, adverbial participle, conjunctive participle, gerund, gerundive, verbal adverb)

Zarf-fiil (bağ fiil, ulaç, gerundium grubu)

Osman Hamdi Bey

Converb, action adverbs, typically carrying markers such as Turkish (‑ip, ‑erek, ‑ken, ‑esiye, ‑meden, ‑ince, ‑eli, ‑dikçe, ‑ir … ‑mez, ‑diğinde, ‑e … ‑e, ‑meksizin, ‑cesine, etc.). In Turkish, it refers to a large number of verb endings subject to vowel harmony and sometimes used in conjunction with postpositions. The alternative names include zarf‑fiil, bağ‑fiil, ulaç. or gerundium, which typically apply to a verbal form that functions in a sentence as an adverb. The Turkish coverb may also constitute part of a converbial (adverbial) clause.

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