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Kurallı cümle (kanonik, kuralsal cümle)

Canonical sentence (constituent, basic, kernel sentence)

Kurallı cümle (kanonik, kuralsal cümle)

A Veiled Woman by Jean Pascal

Alternative terms: kernel, basic, elementary, constituent, unmarked sentence. Canonical clause is a syntactically unmarked declarative clause, which is not transformed through negation, inversion, or passivization, etc., and which is complete in itself (i.e., not ellipted, coordinated, subordinated, etc.). In English, the canonical clause pattern is represented by Subject–Predicator–Object, or SVO word order. In Turkish, the canonical clause pattern is represented by [Subject]–Object–Predicator, or [S]OV word order: (TR) Eğer rüzgâr olmasaydı, yangın asla bu kadar hızlı yayılmazdı. / (EN) If it hadn’t been for the wind, the fire would never have spread so fast.

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