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Girişik birleşik cümle

Nonfinite (verbal) complex sentence

Girişik birleşik cümle

Prayer in the Mosque by Jean-Léon Gérôme

A complex sentence made of one independent clause and one dependent nonfinite (verbal) clause, which may be: (1) A nominal (constituent or complement) clause with an action nominal (isim-fiil): Onca yıldan sonra bizleri terk edişine anlam veremiyordum. (I couldn't understand why he left us after all these years.); (2) An adjective (relative) clause with a participle (sıfat-fiil): Bu olaya kayıtsız kalan insan merhamet duygusunu yitirmiştir. (People who remain indifferent about this have lost their compassion.); (3) An adverb (adverbial) clause with a converb (zarf-fiil): Aslı, bu kitapları öğretmenlik yaparken kullanmıştı. (Aslı used these books when she was working as a teacher.)

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